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3 Reasons HOAs Get Sued

It is a fact that all Homeowner Associations need insurance, but depending on your location and specific needs, the type of insurance may vary. Attaining the correct type and amount of coverage is an important responsibility of the HOA Board of Directors to ensure...

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Sewer & Drain Coverage Explained

Sewer & Drain Backup Backed up sewers & drains can wreak havoc on a home, causing thousands of dollars in damage to floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. For homes that have been severely damaged and are uninhabitable, homeowners policies may provide Loss...

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I love you like good debt…wait…what?

Every once in a while, a customer will share a piece of “good advice” that blows me away and not always is a good way. Yesterday was just one of those days. For privacy sake, we’ll call her Amanda. Travel back in time with me for a moment. I’m sitting at my desk, with...

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