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“Perhaps the best cure for the fear of death is to reflect that life has a beginning as well as an end.” (William Hazlift, English Writer 1778-1830).

I find this so true. The question is not if one will pass from this life, but what impact your life and death had upon others. We have the power to live in ways that inspire, assist, and breathe life into others. We also have the power to minimize the negative impact our death can have on those we love. A great insurance agent can help you maximize the benefit of your life and minimize the burden of your death to those you love.

Most of my clients hear this from me and think that it can’t possibly be true. Many others believe even if it is, this kind of assistance can’t possibly be affordable. The truth is that it is definitely affordable and what cannot be afforded is to do nothing. A wealth foundation, then accumulation, preservation and distribution do not happen accidently. For many, those very words are intimidating and exclusionary. However, hopefully, my customers understand that we don’t run from, but toward those words. We use them to plan, build, secure, and leave behind something of the utmost importance. A legacy.

Your legacy won’t remove the pain your family will experience when you leave this life. It won’t dry their tears or soothe them in the first moments of the morning when they forget that you’re not there. Or in the first few moments they do remember. What your legacy can do, is be an extension of the security, peace, and love you brought to your family in life. Your legacy can be of a fulfillment of your promise to always be there when they needed you most.

There is a simple truth to keep in mind when considering life and death. You will leave a legacy when you move on from this life, whether intentional or not. I encourage you to leave your legacy as you have lived your life: with purpose and intent.

If you’re an agent and would like assistance on how to help your clients leave their best legacy behind, please reach out and I’ll be happy to assist.

If you’re interested in sitting down for a few moments to plan the leaving of your legacy, please reach out as well. It will my pleasure to assist. Even, if we just begin a conversation you complete with your trusted agent.

Have a great day and be encouraged!

Gena Trust

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